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Student Trips for Psychology & Sociology

On a psychology study  trip your students will get the chance to explore key study themes on the curriculum, allowing them to further expand on their knowledge.  This insight into psychology will give them a deeper understanding of their chosen subject, and help  them to develop a passion for working in psychology.

We have a wide range of destinations and subject-relevant visits for students of psychology and sociology. From studying conformity and cultural influence in Berlin and Krakow, exploring memory and treatment methods in London, to discovering more about dysfunctional behaviour in New York, your educational trip will provide students with a memorable study experience.

Our range of college trips for Psychology & Sociology...

Our college and sixth form tours are the perfect accompaniment for students of Psychology & Sociology. Each trip is created with the typical contents of a further education course in mind, providing students with incredibly memorable real-world revision for their A-Levels.

Furthermore, all of our trips can be adapted to suit the bespoke needs of your group - meaning trips can truly supplement any parts of the curriculum you want to focus on. 

Check out our selection of Psychology & Sociology trips below or get in touch with our team to discuss a more bespoke offering for your sixth form class.

Psychology LIVE! Disneyland Paris

Psychology LIVE! Disneyland Paris

Show your students psychology in action at our Psychology LIVE! Conference on Monday 9th March 2020. This immersive event will allow your students to grasp the fundamentals of human behaviours in action whilst providing relevant examples and case studies for exams.  

Find out more about our Psychology LIVE! event in Paris here



Students on a psychology & sociology trip to Berlin will enjoy learning about the city’s past including World War II, the Holocaust and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Popular visit ideas include The Fuhrer Bunker, where Hitler spent time prior to the end of World War II, The Holocaust Memorial which commemorates the Jewish people murdered during the holocaust and The Wall museum which documents the history of the Berlin Wall.

Find out more about our psychology & sociology trips to Berlin here



Educational trips to China make for a fascinating visit for college and university students of psychology & sociology, where you will find lots to tie in with their learning whilst being able to visit the venue that provided the world with one of the most memorable, visually stunning Olympics of all time.

Find out more about our psychology & sociology trips to China here



Edinburgh is a fascinating destination for those studying psychology & sociology, a city full of history and a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the core. Edinburgh’s many museums, galleries and historic buildings give the city its unique character and wide appeal and make it a popular destination for students of all disciplines.

Find out more about our psychology & sociology trips to Edinburgh here



Krakow, with opportunities to explore pre-war history or to better understand the Holocaust, the city is guaranteed to leave an impact on your psychology & sociology students. The Jewish quarter where Schindler’s List was filmed and a guided excursion to Auschwitz-Birkenau as part of your study trip itinerary bring home the realities of Nazi occupation for your students.

Find out more about our psychology & sociology trips to Krakow here



London is a great value and easily accessible destination for your psychology & sociology students with a variety of educational visits, including the Bethlem Museum of the Mind for studying the history of mental health care and treatment, and also London Zoo, where their workshops explore the psychology of phobias, their symptoms and triggers.

Find out more about our psychology & sociology trips to London here

New York

New York

New York offers all you need for the perfect psychology & sociology trip.  Core study themes of social influence and memory can be expertly explored through New York’s excellent museums and memorials.  Uncover the psychological scars of the shocking events of 9/11 by visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and hearing first-hand accounts from survivors and rescue workers.  

Find out more about our psychology & sociology trips to New York here



Vienna is an ideal destination for students of psychology & sociology, providing a fascinating insight into the life and work of the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. The Austrian Resistance Archive is also a must see, created to educate the country’s youth about the crimes of National Socialism and the consequences of Austria’s loss of self-identity and freedom after Nazi annexation in March 1938.

Find out more about our psychology & sociology trips to Vienna here

Our range of university trips for psychology & sociology...

We’re a one-stop shop for your university group travel package for your psychology & sociology tour. 

Whether you’re looking for a travel package, or a comprehensive subject-linked itinerary, we’ll work with you to pull together exactly what you need.  

We have a host of visits and programs for your study trip, which may help you to cover subject modules, such as developmental psychology, biological psychology, clinical and forensic psychology, brain and behaviour, and conflict psychology.

We've created group travel packages to destinations across the globe including Berlin, Brussels, Krakow, London and New York.

Our most popular psychology & sociology destinations...

Our most popular psychology & sociology destinations...


Berlin is prevalent in most people’s minds with the events of the second world war. Visiting key historical sites allows your psychology students to explore key subject topics, such as social influence & conformity, persecution, prejudice and discrimination.

Find out more here

New York

A visit to New York is a must for students of psychology. New York has an excellent selection of immigration and Holocaust-focussed visits, allowing students to explore social identity, immigration and influence; whilst a visit to the 9/11 memorial museum enables them explore the topic of terrorism.

Find out more here

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Ms Freya Billington, University of the West of England


“Nadine answered every query without hesitation and made the process of coordinating a trip so much easier. Perfect flights, accommodation and transfers. Nadine was a great source of help throughout.”

Mr Mike Rayner, University of Portsmouth

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Psychology & Sociology Trips for college students frequently asked questions: 

What are the benefits of a psychology study trip for students?

Students attending an a-level psychology trip can explore key study themes on the Key Stage 5 college curriculum, allowing them to expand their knowledge of the subject and understanding of core modules backed up with a memorable study experience. 

What destinations and tours are available for psychology and sociology students

We have a wide range of psychology and  sociology student trips with our featured destinations being the following: 

  • Vienna 
  • Paris
  • Berlin
  • China
  • Edinburgh
  • Krakow
  • London
  • New York

Will students be safe in an A-level psychology trip?

As one of the premier student trip agencies in the UK safety for your sixth form/ college students is paramount to us and we always vow to keep your students safe. We have an Safety Management System that is audited by an external company for an unbiased view of our safety processes.

Learning outcomes of Psychology and Sociology student trips

Through a college trip for psychology students we work in line to the key stage 5 curriculum, looking at social influence, research methods, psychopathology with issues and debates. Your psychology and sociology student trips can be made to be bespoke to whichever destination you’d like to take your students.