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    Risk management services for complete peace of mind

    We offer a thorough approach to risk management to help you protect your travellers, manage your duty of care and reputational risk. This expertise comes from arranging group travel in the educational sector for over 50 years. 


    Audited travel components 

    Your transport, accommodation, visits and excursions are audited before your trip as part of our externally verified Safety Management System (SMS). Our SMS is independently audited annually by Intertek Health & Safety who are experts in the field of health and safety and risk management.


    StudyLink’s travel tracking system 

    Locate My Trip is our exclusive, advanced travel tracking system; an easy, convenient way to trace a group's locations in real time  that has been specifically designed to provide reassurance to travel bookers, group leaders and educational establishments.With Locate My Trip you can access the current whereabouts of one or all of the groups travelling from your establishment. 


    How it works:

    • We'll provide you with a handset ahead of your tour
    • An approved staff member can login to Locate My Trip to locate a group's current whereabouts
    • Locate My Trip enables you and StudyLink to react quickly to travel issues & other events

    24/7 on-call service for help & assistance, whilst your on tour we can:

    • ​Make arrangements for alternative travel services 
    • Arrange additional accommodation & ground services
    • Make payment on behalf of your group
    • Arrange local assistance from our City Representatives & agents


    Destination advice before you travel & whilst you’re away

    As your travel provider, the safety of your group is paramount and we follow the advice provided by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). If there is anything you need to know about your destination pre-departure, we’ll advise you. Furthermore, if we need to update you whilst you’re away, we’ll contact you in person and via our travel app and trip tracking service.  


    Detailed emergency procedure 

    We have a detailed emergency procedure in place should the unforeseen happen. Details are available on request. 


    Group leader preview visits

    To be sure you’re getting exactly the right tour before you travel, you’ll qualify for a two-night complimentary stay for two people on a B&B basis in your chosen destination. You’ll be able to:

    • ​Conduct valuable risk assessments
    • Try out your chosen accommodation & visit other accommodation options
    • Familiarise yourself with your destination, including public transport if required
    • Assess different study trip opportunities
    • Check out local attractions & excursion options
    • Check out suitable places to eat with your group

Watch our short Locate My Trip video