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Travel Insurance for your next study tour

StudyLink travel insurance is included as standard on StudyLink tours, unless otherwise stated. Our insurance has been tailor-made to match the activities provided by StudyLink and to provide additional cover and protection for colleges, universities and groups. 

Arranging your own travel insurance 

There are many different travel insurance policies available, and you are welcome to make your own arrangements. We would, however, ask that you check the cover carefully to ensure that it meets your needs and provide us with details of your insurer. Please be aware that the cost of your trip will not change. 

Insurance policy documents 

As with any insurance, it is important that you read the policy document to check it is suitable for all members of your group. We recommend you include links to the insurance documents in any letters to group members and/or parents, so that they can also ensure the cover is correct for their child and/or themselves. 

Groups with a booking confirmed from 1 December 2023

Insurance Policy

Insurance Schedule

Insurance Summary