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Sustainability Tour to London for University Students

London is ranked as one of the greenest capital cities in the world, with lots of green spaces and parks for residents and visitors to enjoy. At StudyLink, we can provide a comprehensive tour package to London covering a wide selection of sustainability topics, from tackling climate change and food waste, to migration and equality.

On a study tour, your students will get to experience first-hand the initiatives London has put in place to achieve its sustainability goals, along with the city’s planned future developments.

During a sustainability-focussed itinerary your students can get an in-depth overview of the different topics relating to sustainability, or alternatively, you could choose to add a selection of these visits to your own faculty-led field trips.

Take a look at our full range of student trips to London.

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Top Visits

Invisible Cities – Social Enterprise Talk

Social enterprises are businesses that want to make a change for the better. As with any business the aim is to make a profit, but it’s what they do with their profits that make a difference – reinvesting to make a positive social change. Invisible Cities is an Award Winning social enterprise that trains people who have experienced homelessness to become walking tour guides of their own city and they offer off the beaten track, personal tours, highlighting stories of real people, while raising awareness about social justice. Founder of Invisible Cities, Zakia Moulaoui can provide a talk around a variety of subject relevant topics, including social enterprise, entrepreneurship, sustainable tourism and working with vulnerable groups.

Migration Museum

The Migration Museum explores how the movement of people to and from Britain across the ages has made us who we are today, both as individuals and as a nation. Migration is a pressing contemporary issue and is at the centre of polarised political and online debate. But there’s an underlying story of comings and goings stretching back many centuries. And this story goes to the heart of who we are today. Britain has thousands of museums, but none comprehensively focused on this important theme that connects us all. 

The Migration Museum offers educational workshops and tours of their exhibitions in their current home in the heart of Lewisham Shopping Centre. They also have bespoke migration history walking tours that explore the hidden histories of London from the East End to Notting Hill and everything in between. 

Sustainable London Tour

London is often ranked as one of the world's most sustainable cities- take a closer look on our Sustainable London Tour. This two-hour walking tour examines London as a sustainable city as well as highlighting green initiatives from the private sector.

Weave through Covent Garden explore one of London's first ethical business hubs, and analyse retailers challenging the fast-fashion status-quo. Along the way discover the green credentials of the London skyline with some key examples of sustainable architecture.

In the second half of the tour, cast your vote on controversial public policy initiatives seeking to tackle the greatest challenges of our time and the acute problems faced by London as a densely populated and historic metropolis.

Sustainable Architecture Tour

The Sustainable Architecture Walking Tour takes an indepth look at the environmentally friendly and ground-breaking buildings that are shaping London’s landscape.

This two-hour walking tour through the City of London looks at the past, present and future of sustainable architecture in a city with some of the tightest planning regulations in the world.

Balancing heritage concern, developmental interest and sustainable practice, come and discover the green sides to some of London’s most well-known skyscrapers as well as some lesser known sites. Discover the application of the latest sustainable technology as well as the many controversies surrounding urban development. This tour includes the world’s first buildings with integrated wind turbines as well as the world’s most sustainable office building. 

Fashion Enter - Sustainable Factory Tour

Fashion Enter gives students a unique and invaluable insight into the world of fashion and garment production.

The two-hour site visit can be tailored to suit the group's studies, including a tour based on Sustainability and Ethical garment production. Looking at different fabrics and their sustainability credentials, the new sustainable way to make patterns and approve fit, lean manufacturing, what really happens to the garments that you donate to charity and how to avoid garments going into landfill, how our factory is ethical and what are the signs of an unethical factory.

Museum of Brands - Further & Higher Education Workshops

The Museum of Brands offer two workshops specifically aimed at higher education students. 

Gender in Advertising - This workshop focusses on the construction of gender roles and encourages learners to be critically aware of the social and ethical impacts of design and advertising throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

Sustainability in Packaging - This workshop gets students to explore the historic and contemporary packaging created by our favourite brands, before investigating alternatives to single-use plastics and high waste levels.

Community Energy England

Community Energy England (CEE) is a leading not for profit organisation that represents and supports those committed to the community energy sector. CEE was established by the sector to provide a voice for community energy and to help create the conditions within which it can flourish. This is done by increasing the profile of community energy, building capacity within the sector, and by advocating for supportive policies at national and local levels.


Developing the world’s most sustainable and efficient way to produce protein, this company is at the cutting-edge of biotechnology. Using ground-breaking IoT technology, Entocycle is at the forefront of addressing one of the most pressing issues of our time, food security. Transforming food waste into alternative protein, Entocycle offers an innovative and sustainable solution which brings together science, technology and business. 

Aberrant Architecture

Meet the inspirational Co-Founders of one of the most exciting young architecture practices in the UK – Aberrant Architecture. Since 2010, they have turned many left-behind spaces into icons of community spirit.  

They transform run-down locations into vibrant community hubs, creating retail and business opportunities for local entrepreneurs. From a shopping centre in Eastbourne, England, to a former industrial space in Madrid, Spain, Aberrant start by engaging local communities in the design process. 

Student-friendly accommodation with locations across the UK

Popular options include:

Generator London

A large hostel with 217 rooms, centrally located in London. A purpose-built accommodation centre that has recently undergone complete renovation. It is a modern, futuristic themed building which provides an environment which is exciting and appealing to young people. The rooms are bright and comfortable.

Royal National 

A very large hotel with 1630 rooms, centrally located in London. The hotel offers a good standard of accommodation in a central location. The hotel features a good range of facilities and represents value for money.