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Benefits of college trips

Arranging a college trip for your students can be daunting, but there's a host of benefits to students from undertaking  international or UK-based college trips. So, if you're in the early stages of planning or are just starting to think about arranging a college trip, it's good to understand the key benefits for your students, so you can gain the approval of key decision-makers in your college. 


We've compiled our top six reasons why college trips are crucial to your students' academic and personal development.


1. Bringing their classroom learning to life!

A college trip allows your student to immerse themselves into their chosen subject. But why does this matter? Evidence has proven that people learn from experience! In fact, studies have shown that 70% of what we know comes from experience, with a further 20% coming from interactions with others, so by allowing your students venture outside the classroom on a college trip, they can gain real-life practical experience of their chosen subject.


2. Better communication & social skills!

By taking a group of students outside of their everyday environment, it can encourage students to branch out and make friendships outside of their usual social circle. This can help them with their classroom studies and provides them with crucial communication skills they can use in their everyday lives.


3. Increased self-confidence & independence

A college trip not only takes students outside of the classroom, it can also take them out of their comfort zone. By challenging them in this way, a college trip can increase their self-confidence and resilience, resulting in an individual that's better prepared for their post-college career or education-path.

Plus, in the case of college students, it can often be the first time they’ve ventured abroad without the presence of their parents and families.  During a college study trip the individual has the opportunity to expand their horizons and discover their independence. This unique experience can help students to feel confident enough to make the decision about leaving home for university-life, or even preparing them for the future world of work.


4. Inspire them to pursue a career in their chosen subject

A college trip allows your students to experience what it would be like to work in an industry or sector. This can often have a transformative effect on students giving them the inspiration to achieve their academic and career goals, inevitably leading to a more motivated and enthusiastic student. 


5. Gain cultural understanding

Visiting a country outside of the UK exposes students to other cultures, allowing them to gain a fresh perspective and apply a global outlook to their studies. It can also allow them to explore the similarities between themselves and people from other cultures, creating well-rounded and culturally-aware individuals.